So, clothes and fashion was imbibed deep inside me! Since the age of 10 I have seen myself designing clothes. Sketching was my favorite part, it felt as if I am giving birth.. to a new idea, to a new design. At 31 I still love the smell of new fabric, the water of an indigo dye and i dream of sleeping on and in a room full of colorful fabric rolls. As I grew up, this became my passion and my passion grew wings, the wings that opened my horizon and took me from the clothes love to the ceramic love and love for everything hand made! Whenever, I saw anything handmade, it felt as if i was able to see through the workmanship of how it is made, the time and efforts that was dedicated to make it and the love that nurtured the piece.
Living with this tiny dream, I moved to London, to start my family and to a new career in retail. But there was this unsettling feeling of not visiting the fabric market every week, not hearing the ping of ceramic and most importantly - not designing anymore. But life moves on!! And then I gave birth.. again.. but this time to my beautiful daughter 'AMAYA' and to more sketches and to more ideas and then finally to 'House of Amaya' !

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  • Shabnam

    Beautiful story Yamini! ☺️ Great collection too. From what I’m seeing, would you say you specialise in Jaipur cottons and/or organic cottons?

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