AKIHI (noun)- Listening to directions and then walking off and promptly forgetting them.The label, AKIHI was conceptualized by Srishti Arora, along the same belief when she embarked upon a journey to find an exceptional wearable expression for traditional Indian embroideries. As a trained textile designer, Srishti has forever been enthralled by local textiles and embroideries of Jaipur, but wanted to find an offbeat avenue to showcase them. A lot of soul-searching ensued till she struck upon the idea of crafting jewelry pieces that were adorned with embroideries and fabrics instead of gemstones.
Akané, pronounced as Ah-Kah-Nay, is the Japanese word for madder root or Manjishtha which has been used as a natural dye material traditionally to derive a deep red colour since ancient times.  
We, at Akané create naturally dyed, versatile and timeless products. We respect the process of making a product by involving local artisans, sourcing locally and ensuring zero waste. We make use of natural dye materials that are easily available in the environment such as flowers, seeds, roots and leaves. Akané believes in creating value rather than just a need for consumption through our products. We wish to spread awareness about slow fashion and inspire people to make the right decision by providing sustainable alternatives for our customers. 
" Auruhfy essentially means transforming things into gold."
Launched in 2016 by Prashasti Goyal and Kanupriya as an ethical homegrown label that stands for discovering Indian textiles, crafts and practice the idea of sustainability.
Brand strongly believes in creating a system which help artisans, and our nature to be sustainable by encouraging hand weave, natural dyes, fair wages and (ideally) zero waste.
We create modern, comfortable clothing for women and home furnishings to give your space a warm and lively feel.
The designs are created that highlight Indian craft and textile heritage with minimalist cuts.
GN Jewellery is my handcrafted jewellery label. Inspired by art, nature, architecture, and folk handicrafts. We have a strong passion for beautiful, simple yet sophisticated accessories that make every woman feel unique.
Feminine, delicate, and quirky, all jewellery is characterized by minimalism and elegance for women who love to have an exceptional style every day. We make wearable architecture in the form of beautiful necklaces and earrings.
Gulaal, which is synonymous with the colourful festival of Holi, is fuelled by my undying love for colours and quality. GULAAL BRINGS FORTH A RANGE OF DELIGHTFUL FASHION CLOTHING, MODERN, COMFORTABLE, STRIKING BUT HINGED FIRMLY ON THE USE OF QUALITY TEXTILES. Like most designers, I draw my inspiration from almost everything around me, whether it is my everyday life in the colourful and beautifully slow-paced Jaipur or my travel to frenzied cities abroad dipped in their multi-layered cultures.
Gulaal is for you and what you really are, it is designed keeping in mind normal people who like to look good without being uncomfortable. At Gulaal, our roots are important to us – hence, Cotton is the basic fabric of choice. We firmly believe clothes can look good on anyone irrespective of their looks or figure. This is the type of clothing that we completely BELIEVE IN –feels good on the skin and look absolutely pretty when adorned. This is what I wear!
“Crafted for you with heart”
Khes Textiles brings to you a range of beautifully crafted fabrics for your personalized
ensemble. Khes is a brain child of a textile enthusiast Sachi Shah.
Khes brings to you meticulously crafted and embroidered textiles made by our talented artisans. 
This brand is for tiny humans, because we believe style is not a question of age and little ones deserves the best!
Brand is build around an idea of making ethnic wear for kids which is comfy and skin friendly yet allows them to be creative in the way they dress.
At Miko Lolo, we aim to bring to you a healthy clothing alternative, wrapped in colourful prints, ready for your little one's fun filled day. All our products are made with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton. We believe in providing a healthy, breathable, chemical-free clothing option for your little ones. For each collection we develop unique, theme-based prints, to keep the storyteller alive in your child's mind.
Neemboo (lemon in Hindi) is a new 'zesty' take on kids clothing. We feel that nothing beats natural fabrics when it comes to comfort, and that's why all our clothes are soft cottons, ensuring along the way that we do our bit to give them a better tomorrow as well. With a deep rooted love for Indian traditional fabrics, we add a little zest with our designs to make clothing that's fun, contemporary and chic.
SATAT circles around designs that are timeless in style, seasoned craftsmanship, sustainable materials and processes that leave behind lesser carbon footprint. Our concepts bud from the ideology of products being sustainably handcrafted. We work with generations of skilled craftsmen and inculcate their experience and perspective into our designs to keep the traditional touch intact.
Sölvi is a new range of fragrance candles, soy wax melts and beeswax products, conceived by architect Emily Mai in 2019.

The range is designed to deliver premium products at attractive prices to candle lovers. The brand name, pronounced ‘Say-Vee’ is an old Norse word meaning ‘to bring light’ and the clean simplicity and colors of Nordic design influence the range.

Sölvi is an ethical company, we source our products and packaging with the environment in mind&we promise to never use plastic.
'The Muslin Shop’ are an experts in All Day Suits made with organic Bamboo Fabric, with super soft hand feel.
We call these all day suits as these are not traditional night suits, they can be easily worn all day at home as loungers and can be worn out for play date as well.
They come in fashionable silhouettes yet are as comfortable as something you would love to sleep in. 
It is a new concept that combines the needs of a mother and comfort and looks of the child.
I first realized that I want to be a fashion designer when I was in standard 6th, at school my favorite subject was arts and even my math and science books were full of clothes sketches.
Having realized my dream so early in life I aspire each day to achieve it. Born and raised in Rajasthan, I am inclined toward block print and have been always fascinated by the art of it.