10 Ways To Reduce Your Ecological Footprint

Reading through internet on #sustainable #fashion and #lifestyle, I came across this sweet and valuable blog to #reduceecologicalfootprint by Bhumi.co.uk (click here to read the points in detail)
Sharing with you the key, self explanatory point.
I mean seriously, is it that simple?
Let us make a difference!!
1. Plant A Garden, Plant More Trees
2. Be A Conscious Consumer
3. Reduce Your Meat Intake
4. Reduce Your Energy Usage
5. Stop Using Plastic
6. Consider Slower Options For Travel
7. Switch To An Ethical Bank
8. Switch To Tree-Free Toilet Paper
9. Reduce Water Usage
10. Think Earth and Air Dry your clothes
Our earth needs us right now.

Climate change is real and we are seeing the devastating effects. The oceans are dying and filling up with plastic and toxic chemicals, temperatures are rising with fires increasing and the ecosystem is fractured and breaking down from the chemicals and harmful practices in manufacturing methods. This is not a drill.

This is our call to action. This is about making small changes everyday that become habits and it all adds up. So turn the lights off, don't use your car all the time, think about what you are buying and how it was made, try eating more vegetables, know what organisations you use and support and find out who they support and best of all use your voice to help spread the word.

(As written on Bhumi)

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