Akané Studio X House of Amaya

House of Amaya is glad to be associate with Akané Studio.

Their pure design philosophy is a blessing.

Lets read a bit about them...


Who they are?

Akané create naturally dyed, versatile and timeless products. They respect the process of making a product by involving local artisans, sourcing locally and ensuring zero waste. They make use of natural dye materials that are easily available in the environment such as flowers, seeds, roots and leaves. All their products are free from chemicals, synthetic dyes and artificial bleaches.

Just like House of Amaya, Akané believes in creating value rather than just a need for consumption. Together, we wish to spread awareness about slow fashion and inspire people to make the right decision by providing sustainable alternatives for our customers.


Why Natural Dyed Products?

Dyes obtained from natural sources are natural dyes. Most are of plant origin and extracted from roots, wood, bark, berries, leaves, flowers, nuts, and seeds. Natural dyeing has been around for a really long time than most of us would assume. The history of dyeing in India seems to have been started in the pre-Vedic period proved by a piece of purple cotton found in Mohenjodaro in 3000 B.C. which seemed to have been dyed with madder. Natural dyeing was a tradition that was commonplace in the country until 40 years ago, when synthetic dyes took off.

With textile dyeing and treatment the second-largest polluter in the world, it is time that we shift back to natural dyes and go back to our roots. With numerous fast fashion options available to consumers, unnecessary purchases of clothing is made without having any value for it. Whereas when you choose to buy from a slow fashion brand, greater appreciation of the product can be ensured since a lot of thought is gone behind the process. It is more ethical without compromising on quality.


Here is a collection of images from their social media platform that shows how beautiful the process is -


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